Adding and editing spirit scores

To be able to add and edit spirit scores, you need to log in to Leaguevine. You can do that using the dropdown menu in the top bar, click on "not logged in", and select log in from the menu. Once you are logged in, your username appears in the top bar.

You can get to a spirit-score editing screen by clicking on :

The most convenient way to transcribe a spirit sheet of a whole competition day is to select the according team, and click on the Date/Time of one of the games played that day. That will take you to a page with spirit sheets of all games played on that day.

If you know the leaguevine team id (e.g. 26546), you can manually construct the according URL as well, for instance /teams/26546/2014-09-07/

Viewing spirit scores

You can view spirit overviews of games, tournaments and seasons by selecting the according items in the top toolbar. If you know their leaguevine ids, you can also enter the URLs as follows:

Deleting spirit scores

You can remove spirit scores from a game view. If you are logged in, a red delete button will appear along next to those spirit scores that you have entered yourself. You can delete them by clicking this button.


All data presented on this site is served from the leaguevine database. The sole purpose of this site is to display and edit spirit scores of Ultimate games according to WFDF 2014 rules. If you want to change anything else than spirit scores (teams, matchups, game scores, etc.), you have to make these changes directly on the main leaguevine site. Clicking on the Leaguevine logo will get you ot the corresponding leaguevine pages.

Note that everybody can edit all spirit scores of all games. Leaguevine is set up like an open wiki, but all action are tracked. Therefore, vandalism can be traced to particular users and also be undone. However, it also means that not all results are accurate all the time. You might want to check when and by whom an actual result has been last changed.

This spirit app is an open-source project, initiated by Christian Schaffner. You can find the source code in this GitHub repository. You are encouraged to encouraged to contribute by submitting pull requests and/or reporting problems, either on the issue tracker or by email to Christian.